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Stand out from the Crowd – with an official SAP-Certification!

You want to be ahead of the game and get started with a successful career right after your time at university? An SAP-Certification helps you to get what you want! The globally recognized TERP10 certificate is a great asset to your CV and it will sure help to increase your career opportunities.

erp4students offers e-learning courses in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with SAP-Software. All courses are available exclusively for students! erp4students is offered in cooperation with SAP University Alliances.

The e-learning courses have been developed to provide all the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge about SAP systems, as well as a big amount of practical experience in actually working with a real SAP system! This way, you can gather important skills for the job market and thus, increase your career opportunities.

Our course periods are intentionally not parallel to the fall/spring academic calendar, allowing you to work in the erp4students course during semester breaks and during semester times with lower university activity.

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Current courses for the spring term 2017

Course period: 30 March 2017 - 16 July 2017

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Participation conditions for erp4students
05.07.2016, The e-learning offer is aimed at students from higher education organizations (universities, colleges of higher education, and universities of higher education) from all countries in North & South America. A current enrollment receipt (document providing being currently a student) is read more»
exam locations in USA & Canada
05.07.2016, This is a selection of exam locations in USA and Canada (individual exam dates for each participant up to 3 months after end of course):   USA: Ashburn, Virginia Atlanta, Georgia Austin, Texas Baltimore, Maryland Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bend, Oregon read more»
Why SAP Skills are so Important
01.07.2016, In order to start a successful career after many years at school and university, SAP-skills have become an indispensable factor. Understanding SAP software and the ability to work with it is vital in many areas of the job market. For read more»
Job Profile: SAP User
01.07.2016, Since its foundation in 1972, SAP has become the largest software developer of Europe – number four world-wide. SAP employs more than 65.000 people today with over 14 billion Euros revenue in 2012. More than 185.000 customers make use of read more»
Job Profile: SAP Consultant
01.07.2016, T he amount of data a company collects during their everyday transactions is becoming larger and larger. For many years this has been the case. It is obvious that it is no longer possible to structure a business coherently without read more»
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All courses take place 100% online:

Participants are not required to attend the university; study work is carried out from wherever and whenever the particpants like. Within the course runtime of more than 3 ½ months, everybody has his own individual and independent schedule because all resources are available 24 hours per day (up to the last day of the course) even on weekends and during semester breaks.

Physical attendance is only necessary for the SAP certification exam.

We are member of the SAP University Alliances Program – join us in the community: http://uac.sap.com
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