2nd December 2022 - 19th March 2023

Info Events, Fair Dates & Webinars

We always strive to provide you with more added value - for this reason, we regularly invite experts for webinars with exciting topics from the field of SAP, organize events together with other companies or are on the road at career and job fairs throughout Germany. Get an insight into the professional life of an SAP consultant and listen live, when consultants from large consulting houses talk about their, e.g., project work in the USA. Let us advise you when it comes to choosing your next course or let us train you in a workshop for social competence. We make it possible!

The following table provides an overview of our upcoming events:




Webinar: Info-Webinar (GERMAN)
Online  16.09.2022 
Webinar: Webinar with movisco AG (GERMAN)
Webinar: Info-Webinar with univativ (GERMAN)
Webinar: Info-Webinar (GERMAN)

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the associated protective measures, the trade fair situation remains confusing. Changes can arise spontaneously and are therefore reserved. Check back here or on our social networks regularly to stay updated.  

You have a question concering one of our events or you need any other information about the above mentioned topics? We are there for you! Just leave us a message.

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