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ABAP Programming

Starting in the 1980’s and undergoing a constant development ever since, ABAP is the basis for the entire SAP system today, being used for programming the SAP Application Server. Thus, this coding language makes it possible, on the one hand, to alter SAP products to an extent that allows every business to have a uniquely customized software product in the end. On the other hand, it is used to write whole new business applications. In the future, it will especially be used for InMemory- and on Demand technologies.
The language’s syntax is comparable to COBOL but differs largely from other coding languages such as C, Java or Python. This is because ABAP is not a standardized language, which means that its one and only purpose is to be used in the SAP environment. Within this environment, however, ABAP has very powerful concepts for developing business applications, many of them specially designed for SAP ERP. Since the 1990’s ABAP is also an object-oriented coding language.

Today, when a new SAP system is implemented, customer needs are so unique and special that the usual customizing that can be done with the software often is not enough. New elements and add-ons have to be programmed in order to reflect the company‘s unique business processes. Thus, ABAP is vital and essential within any implementation of a new SAP system.

Due to the large spectrum of possibilities with ABAP, the erp4students course is not designed to teach students every single command of the language. The focus is rather to deal with practical problems within an SAP ERP system, to use specific tools of the integrated programming environment of SAP ERP, and to understand how the language is integrated into the system in its entirety.  

In the second course, participants focus on working with object-oriented concepts and adjusting SAP standard software to customer needs. They modify original code and develop browser-based application using Web Dynpro.

The erp4students area of ABAP is especially aimed at students from Informatics. This is why the courses do not explain programming itself, but using ABAP as a new coding language. For this reason, participants must have knowledge of at least one other coding language to make sure, they can follow the contents.


erp4students Course covers topics of SAP course Price at SAP Fee at erp4students*
Total Fee
43,344 USD + VAT
1,050 USD
Introduction to ABAP BC100, SAPTEC, BC400, BC410, BC414, BC430, BC405 21,675 USD + VAT 525 USD
Advanced ABAP Programming BC401, BC402, BC425, NET310, BC405 21,675 USD + VAT 525 USD

* These rates are only available for students! We can offer the courses at these rates due to our cooperation with SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen.


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