7th June 2024 - 22nd September 2024

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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly SAP BusinessObjects Cloud) is SAP's cloud solution for data analysis and reporting. It consolidates a wide range of functions (discover, analyze, report, visualize, plan, forecast) and applications in a single and unified cloud-based platform and offers them to customers as Software-as-a-Service. The great strength of SAP Analytics Cloud is that it unifies traditionally separate applications into one platform, thereby combining processes of data modeling, reporting, visualization, and predictive analysis into an intuitive and importantly purpose-built analysis process, which is tailored to the experiences of business users (i.e., role-based).

With the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, SAP leases its customers dedicated tenants (isolated and secure) on a shared hardware-software platform. SAP manages the hardware and software so that customers do not have to perform any administrative tasks by themselves and can concentrate on using the respective analysis applications. This concept is also referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

The cloud is natively based on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and allows customers simplified and secure access to their own data and applications in their own tenant. As a SaaS solution, SAP Analytics Cloud combines analysis, planning, forecasting, and digital boardroom functions to enable customers to analyze all relevant business data in the cloud and/or on-premises. SAP Analytics Cloud can be a public or private SaaS that allows access to on-premises and cloud data sources.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides various analysis capabilities in a single cloud-based SAP solution that enables data analysts and decision makers to analyze, visualize, plan, and forecast in a secure and cloud-based environment. Based on these core capabilities, customers can automatically identify the key business drivers behind their core KPIs that impact customer success. In this way, business decisions across all business areas can be aligned to a single point of truth, and users can have a 360-degree view of all processes, operations, and business areas.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers the following four core functions:

  1. Business Intelligence: Reporting, visualization, dashboards, and self-service data
  2. Application design: Implementation of a custom analysis behavior
  3. Planning: Company-wide collaboration to support planning processes
  4. Prediction: Machine learning and predictive simulations

A profound training and practical experience with SAP Analytics Cloud gained during your studies will therefore impress most employers as a valuable addition to your competencies and will undoubtedly significantly increase your chances during an application. erp4students offers a comprehensive course in the field of SAP Analytics Cloud, which includes all aspects of the SAC software (modeling, analysis, planning, and integration).


SAC Certification Exam

After the successful completion of the course "SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) - Analysis, Planning and Integration”, you will receive a certificate of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, and you can participate in the official SAP consultant certification exam. After passing the exam successfully, you will receive an official SAP consultant certificate.

Registration for the exam takes place during the course period and is voluntary. The fee of 200 USD only has to be paid in the course of the exam registration process.

erp4students Course covers topics of SAP course Price at SAP Fee at erp4students*
Total Fee
10.037 USD + VAT
725 USD
SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) - Analysis, Planning, and Integration SACE11, SACS21, SACP21, SACP31 9.537 USD + VAT 525 USD
500 USD + VAT 200 USD

* These rates are only available for students! We can offer the courses at these rates due to our cooperation with SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen.


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