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A follow-up on „SAP Consulting Insights – Finance and Controlling”

linkit logoOn June 7, 2019, erp4students held an event about consulting insights in finance and controlling named “SAP Consulting Insights – Finance and Controlling” with its cooperating partner LINKIT Consulting in its headquarters in Cologne. The PR team of erp4students accompanied the exciting event editorially.

The initiators were happy to welcome participants who traveled from afar to Cologne to attend the event. That shows great interest and confirms our effort to provide suitable events for students or potential participants.

At the beginning, LINKIT Consulting introduced the participants to an SAP finance system (SAP FI) by presenting its structure and its essential elements. Visualizing what is being told, made it easier for the participants to understand and develop a better feel for the system.

The ensuing lunch break offered the opportunity of networking. The majority of the participants told the erp4students team that the one or the other already knows the SAP course program and that they have already completed a few courses successfully. A walk through the open office concept showed not only where people could get busy with work, but also where one could relax (with a PlayStation 😉).

The break was followed by a practical display on the system how the essential features of SAP FI look like, how one can make entries, balance the books etc. By using examples, the participants could see how practical work on SAP FI on S/4HANA could look like.

Furthermore, the participants got the chance to see which features SAP roll-out projects can have and can carry on. In doing so, two roll-out approaches were introduced which are common while dealing with FI projects. Hence, everybody was prepared for working out the case studies afterwards and coming up with good ideas.

Afterwards, the participants got finally the chance to apply the previous learnt approaches to the case study. The challenge was to develop a case study for an SAP template roll-out project. Two teams were set up and each group worked on one case. Discussions were held and opinions exchanged until each group had a result. These results were presented in front of the audience which gave the opportunity to give and receive feedback.

At the end, everybody praised the concept of the event and evaluated it. Overall, everybody was happy with the event. Of course, LINKIT Consulting as well as erp4students are happy likewise because that makes room for organizing more useful events like this.

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                                                                                                                                                                                     by Gohar Zatrjan

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