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New Cooperation with Business Association DSAG

dsag_websiteNew cooperation with business association DSAG The Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences cooperates with the large business association DSAG and thus opens doors for inexpensive SAP courses. Registrations are now possible.

Almost 5,000 students use the SAP online courses at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences every year. In the spring semester 2021, the university expects a significant increase in the erp4students program. Because the President Prof. Dr. Andreas Wilms has signed a cooperation agreement with the business association DSAG. The agreement enables exclusive offers for dual students, working students, and vocational school students from more than 3,700 companies in German-speaking countries. Registrations are now possible.

"Our e-learning program erp4students is clearly a success story ", says the President of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences Prof. Dr. Andreas Wilms in view of the high number of participants. The additional qualification option has been offered for several years together with the German software group SAP. Students from all over the world gain practical experience in how to successfully use the widely used software programs for all business processes in companies.

„Pouyan In doing so, they have to develop, in self-study, solutions for case studies in purchasing, ordering, controlling, or accounting. “It's about real, hands-on case studies, not just dry theory. The theory is learned, more or less, on the side ”, explains Pouyan Khatami (picture left) & nbsp; the concept of the unique courses. Khatami is a lecturer at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, heads the erp4students program, and also works as a supervisor/lecturer for individual courses. He further explains: “ The students can freely allocate their learning time for the courses because they work in self-study. But they are looked after individually by experienced tutors on seven days a week and can ask their questions at any time. " Khatami refers to 20 years of research in the development of online offerings.

If you are successful, you will not only be attracted by a grading and thus possible crediting in your own studies: After the university certificate from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, those who are interested can also take an exam directly at SAP and acquire a corresponding certificate for a comparatively low cost.

An advantage that many more interested parties can benefit from in the future. Thanks to the new cooperation agreement, the THB will now also be an important point of contact for member companies in the »German-speaking SAP user group e. V. (DSAG)«. They have the opportunity to register dual students, working students, and vocational students from their own company.

Hermann-Josef Haag, Head of Human Resources & Public Sector (DSAG)Since its foundation in 2006, the erp4students program has developed into a unique offer in the e-learning sector. Thanks to our cooperation with the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, which has now been concluded, we are opening up particularly favorable opportunities for interested parties from among our member companies to participate and are therefore looking forward to the future cooperation. By participating in the erp4students program, young people can once again deepen the points of contact that they have in their daily work with the SAP software and thus contribute to quick and successful progress in their own company ", says Hermann- Josef Haag, Chief Human Resources Officer & Public Sector at DSAG (right picture).

The »German-speaking SAP user group e. V. (DSAG)« is one of the most influential user associations in the world. More than 60,000 members from over 3,700 companies form a network that extends from medium-sized companies to DAX corporations and across all industries in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. SAP is Europe's largest software company and one of the global market leaders for business software. SAP programs are used to handle all business processes such as purchasing, ordering, controlling, or accounting.

Registrations for the upcoming courses starting from May 21, 2021 are now possible. Further information can be found at erp4students.de or dsag.de/employ . DSAG members please register via the latter link in order to receive the discount through the cooperation between the DSAG Academy and the TH Brandenburg.


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