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erp4students cooperates with the IT Park Uzbekistan

00_eng_website_itpark The Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences will be working closely with the IT Park Uzbekistan. Among other things, the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences wants to offer students in Uzbekistan qualification courses from the erp4students program. This will happen via the associated online university of the IT Park. The basis for the cooperation has been laid with the signing of a corresponding declaration of intent. It was signed in the presence of the Minister for Development of Information Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sherzod Shermatov, at the opening ceremony of the European branch of the IT Park Uzbekistan in Heidelberg.

The goal of the agreement is to make it easier for students in Uzbekistan to access the erp4students courses and to allow the courses to be credited to local degree programs. Talks are planned with the Uzbek Ministry of Education. "In this way, the course achievements could be credited in all suitable courses in Uzbekistan and at the same time we are further expanding the internationalization of the program", explains Prof. Dr. Robert Franz from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, who oversees the course program at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. The program manager Pouyan Khatami adds: "The management of the IT Park became aware of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences because of erp4students and approached us with the desire for a cooperation".

The IT Park Uzbekistan is a fast-growing industrial park for both, local and foreign companies in the IT sector that Uzbekistan wants to interest in settling in the country. The newly opened European office in Heidelberg is intended to support this concern and explicitly addresses European companies. At the same time, the IT Park Uzbekistan supports the training of junior staff through its own online university. This training is to be strengthened by the involvement of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, particularly in the area of ​​SAP.

With over 4,000 students per year, the e-learning program erp4students is one of the largest training programs in the field of the latest SAP applications and technologies. In addition to theoretical self-learning units, the participants work on practical case studies in current SAP systems, which are also used in companies. Students from numerous universities and trainees from various partner companies benefit from the 14 inexpensive e-learning courses. In 2021, the project extended its reach to interested parties from Asia with an international cooperation agreement. All erp4students courses are awarded a university certificate upon successful completion and can be supplemented with an SAP consultant certificate if desired. Registrations for the current courses are still possible until December 20, 2022.

Note on the source: The original text comes from the website of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. FIND THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE.

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