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Job Profile: SAP Consulting

As an SAP consultant, you have in-depth knowledge of various branches, IT applications and the latest technology. Moreover, you know how to use those purposefully for your customer or employer. You will develop systems, applications and services that help businesses streamline their business processes and increase their work efficiency. As an SAP consultant, you analyze existing processes, revise and optimize them. You will also simplify the service and lifecycle of SAP software products used in your customer’s/employer’s company.

SAP Customizing, Configuration and Implementation:

A keyword in the context of SAP consulting is customizing. In this context, "customizing" means that a specific system within a company should be adapted to the specific needs of a company. On the one hand, this can be the case with an existing system, e. g. when the system has been upgraded or when it comes to optimizing specific processes or operations. On the other hand, the customizing is in demand during the implementation of a new system because new systems are usually provided as standard software. Here is a practical example: SAP SE has introduced SAP S/4HANA as the follow-up system of the classic SAP ERP system . The support for the legacy system will gradually come to an end and the SAP customers will be introduced to the new system step by step. And certainly, also new customers will be gained. During and for all these update and implementation processes, companies look urgently for consultants (either in-house or externally from consulting firms) who already have experience in working with SAP S/4HANA. Since SAP S/4HANA is still a relatively new product, the market for S/4HANA professionals is not saturated yet. If you are currently dealing with planning your career and professional future, then this is a stroke of luck: in hardly any other industry the job entry opportunities are so beneficial and the demand for young professionals so high as it is in the field of S/4HANA.

You want to work as a consultant but tend to stay more generally focused? You are also interested in the more technical aspects of SAP implementation and customizing, and would like to gain skills in these areas during your studies in order to ideally position yourself on the job market? In this case, our S/4HANA modules, including the TS410 consultant certification and the customizing module, are just the right choice!

In addition, there are various different topics and tasks in SAP consulting for which a specialization is an option. In the following, we would like to briefly introduce you to the most important areas.

SAP Finance Analyst:

The Financial Accounting application represents the widely used component of any SAP S/4HANA system which is justified by the accounting obligations of all merchants and voluntary balancing companies (§ 238 HGB). Theoretical knowledge and practical experience with the SAP S/4HANA system - and especially with the core component Financial Accounting (SAP FI) - are therefore often the basic prerequisites for professional advancement or promotion. While theoretical ERP knowledge is often part of scientific curricula, the link to practice usually lacks. Practical experience with a "living" SAP S/4HANA system offers you a clear competitive advantage on the job market!

If you work as an SAP consultant with a focus on SAP FI, ​​your ​​responsibility will usually cover the support of the specialist department for the corresponding SAP FI module, the support for the system and process requirements regarding design, planning, implementation and testing of the respective systems and processes. As an FI consultant, you are responsible for the module support and the customizing of SAP FI within the company, and you are responsible for the implementation and documentation of FI projects. In addition, you will be the contact person of the department in all matters relating to the FI module. In general, you will optimize existing processes as well as create process analyses and concepts. The coordination of implementations and the customizing of the SAP FI modules fall also within your area of ​​responsibility. Here, you work together closely and interdisciplinary with the development team and the end users.

SAP CO Consulting:

When it comes to decision-making processes at management level, controlling is of very important, as controlling provides intrinsically important information and data. The corresponding controlling application SAP CO helps to monitor, coordinate and optimize the processes running within a company. In the role of an SAP consultant with a focus on controlling, your focus is now on the implementation and optimization of SAP systems. You will advise new customers on the implementation of SAP and implement process optimization within controlling. The conception, implementation and constant optimization of the SAP CO system landscape (possibly including customizing) will also be part of your area of ​​responsibility. In addition, you will carry out requirements and process analyzes including a conception for optimizing company processes. Since controlling is closely linked to financial accounting and there is real-time synchronization between these core SAP components, you will work closely with your customer's financial accounting during your work as an SAP CO consultant. Ideally, in addition to your SAP CO specialist knowledge, you also have know-how in the field of SAP FI.

SAP MM Consulting

As an SAP consultant in ​​materials management, you usually work in different SAP modules, as materials management is at the interface of different fields of work. In addition to the areas of finance, controlling and logistics, this primarily affects the sales & distribution area. This is why you will almost always come across the job title “SAP SD/MM Consultant” in job advertisements. In addition to (initial) experience in SAP FI, ​​SAP CO, SAP PPS, the essential application modules in this professional field are SAP MM (Materials Management) and SAP SD (Sales & Distribution). As an SAP SD/MM Consultant, you support the company in ​​materials management and process management and develop strategies to use the existing SD/MM modules in such a way that they increase the efficiency of operational processes.

SAP SD Consulting:

As an SAP consultant in sales & distribution, you usually must be familiar with various SAP modules, since sales always works at the interface of different areas such as controlling, marketing and human resources management. In addition to experience in SAP CO, SAP CRM, SAP HCM, the essential application modules are SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) and SAP MM (Material Management). As an SAP SD/MM Consultant, you support the company in the area of process control and develop strategies for using the existing SD/MM modules in such a way that they increase the efficiency of operational processes.

SAP PP Consulting:

In the area of ​​SAP PP consulting, the focus is clearly on the planning- and production-oriented logistical business processes of a company's ERP system. As a SAP PP consultant, you will be entrusted with a (partial) project responsibility for IT projects that focus on SAP PP and the adjacent interfaces. In the area of ​​logistical and production-oriented business processes, you will develop appropriate concepts and create and implement them (including appropriate specifications, customizing processes, tests and the final documentation). In general, it is up to you (and your team) to analyze the respective business processes, to identify and eliminate faults and errors if necessary, so that the logistical, planning- and production-related processes can run stably, efficiently and in accordance with the requirements of the company.

Would you definitely like to work in the consulting business, for example, with a specialization in the area of ​​SAP PP, SAP COSAP FI, SAP MM, or SAP SD? Would you like to develop practical skills in these areas during your studies and stand out from the crowd with an official SAP consultant certificate? Then our modules in the areas of SAP PP, SAP COSAP FI, SAP MM, and SAP SD, ​​including the respective SAP consultant certifications, are just right for you!

SAP Data Modeler:

SAP Business Warehouse and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) provide the basis for many large analytical processes within day-to-day business, for example in controlling or reporting - i.e., in general where a lot of data is used and maintained. However, many companies are also increasingly using BW applications and SAP SAC in marketing, purchasing and/or sales, which means that the operation of BW software and SAP SAC is not (or no longer) exclusively reserved for upper management, but is also used in regular day-to-day business. The data modeler is one of the most important job profiles and user roles that are active in the BW and SAC environment.

As a data modeler, you work in an interdisciplinary manner and at eye-level with the IT department of the respective company and the customer for whom you work. You are familiar with data models and a wide variety of data procurement methods. Together with the IT department, you analyze the company processes and record the company requirements and information needs, which you transfer to concrete data models. You will also use methods from statistics and data mining to enable detailed analytical investigations of data. You can provide data directly from working SAP source systems, databases, and third-party systems and transform and harmonize these requirements as required. As a data specialist, you move effortlessly between SAP BW, SAP HANA and SAP SAC data models and are responsible for the comprehensive development and generating new evaluations based on these new data models. Typical representatives of this group are analysts with additional technical training or external management consultants.

Are you looking for a career as a Data Analyst and would like to gain practical experience with SAP BW/4HANA or SAP Analytics Cloud during your studies? You wish to start with a profound BW/4HANA or SAP SAC education in the application process and thereby increase your chances on the job market? Then our modules SAP BW/4HANA (with SAP certification) and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) (with SAP certification) are just the right choices!

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