November 2024 - March 2025

New Course Module: SAP Materials Management with SAP S/4HANA

00_website_sap_mm_engFrom the upcoming spring semester 2024, we will offer a new course module and thus a new course: SAP MM - Sourcing and Procurement with SAP S/4HANA.

MaterialsManagement is of great importance for every company as it represents the central authority for the procurement and provision of materials for all needs in the company. The corresponding SAP application SAP MM helps with the implementation and processing of business processes relevant to material requirements, starting with the identification of material requirements, through the coordination of procurement processes, to the procurement of materials andsettlement ofsupplierinvoices.

The scope of tasks of Materials Management in the company is diverse: This includes finding procurement sources,buildingand establishing supplier relationships, price negotiations with suppliers, identifying material requirements in the company, internal procurement and external purchasing of materials as well as the storage and provision of materials in the company. Through seamless process integration of all relevant logistics and financial processes, a company's materialprovisioningprocesses can be monitored, analyzed and optimized to increase process efficiency, strengthen supplier relationships, reduce procurement costs and ultimately increase the company's profits.


The module will approximately be completed in winter semester 2024/25 by adding a second course "SAP MM - Inventory Management and Invoice Verification with SAP S/4HANA". Then, the SAP consultant certification C_TS452 will be available via erp4students at special student rates.

More information about the new module


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